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Fargo and Doctor Sharad - Testing Not as Planned...

Fargo is not a happy scientist nerd man. Fargo is a frustrated and just a little nervous scientist nerd man. Congressman Farraday is here. To look at this particular test and now it's...broken? Fargo storms into the lab.

"What's wrong with the monkeys?"

The monkeys in question are in the testing room, gathered around a series of screens. They appear to be completely normal. Clearly, this is a PROBLEM.

"They should be at each others' throats, but they look fine."

His fellow scientist doesn't even glance at him. Typical.

"They are fine. The device isn't."

Oh bad. Oh bad bad bad bad bad. Why, gods of science? It''s her fault. She did something. She...

"Are you trying to sabotage me? Stark's on his way right now with the Congressman!"

"I'm running diagnostics, but..."

Diagnostics! Diagnostics? Congressman Farraday wants results, not diagnostics! What's gonna happen? It's HER FAULT.

"No buts! If you can't get the job done, Dr. Sharad, I'll find someone who can."

Hah. Take that evil sabotaging woman!

"You realize I don't work for you, right? In fact, you work for...everyone else..."

She mocks. She mocks while the world is at stake!

"Now I have to tell Stark we have nothing to show Farraday..."

Nothing to show Farraday means no funding and everyone goes out in the snow. Especially the little scientist nerd men...

"If I go down for this, I'm taking you with me!"

His voice gets higher, louder, more insistent.

"Fargo, I think you're overreacting a little..."

His hands go to his head. She doesn't understand. She's fiddling while Rome is burning. ROME IS BURNING!!!

"Stop! Making this about me."

He turns to stalk out again. In a final heinous insult (she planned it, didn't she?) the door closes as he reaches it and he has to spend a few humiliating seconds waving at the sensor before it will let him out. This? Is NOT GOOD.


Dr. Sharad stays, staring at the perfectly normal monkeys, while Fargo takes off down the corridor, raging and scared. He does that which he does not wish to do and contacts Stark.

"Dr. Stark, I'm afraid there's been a delay..."

Stark's voice is impatient. Angry.

"My office in fifteen minutes. I want a complete explanation, Fargo, and it better be good."

Oh. Shit.
Tags: alienated, fargo
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